Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Over the river and thru the woods

I won a Kreative Blogger award last month but, unfortunately could not update my blog to post all the kudos because, I'm still pimping off of Big D's computer on a sneak tip. Translation: My computer is dead, and I have to use my hubby's when I can. So I must say thank you to the dear one who selected me for this award.

Another matter of business to get out of the way:

  • Why are we so concerned and caught up in Tiger Woods Drama? If he got his drink on and hit the tree so what? If he is having relationship issues.... so what? If he doesn't come out and say what happened to the media, so what?
  • Why is it that commentators refer to Serena's reaction as a"hissy fit", which she was subsequently fined for when John McEnroe through hissy fits all the time and it was widely accepted, expected -even entertaining?

That being said, I am finally home after joining millions on the highway over the Thanksgiving Holiday. Day one back... Home Ec. Today dusted off our Xmas decorations and put up the Christmas trees. Its funny how so many used to bust on me for my years of artificial trees, and now they are the same ones who now put one up too. Artificial trees have come along way from when I was growing up. There are many replicas to choose from. You can even buy that smelly pine spray to make it smell more piney and Christmasy. That very pine scent is what causes me to get extremely nauseous and get severe headaches. Not to mention, with Cookies allergies, I just rather not have the "live" trees in my house. Each year I promise myself to get a bigger and better artificial tree but, this will now be my 12th year putting up my 6 ft tree that cost no more than $6 at a 90% off sale at a craft store in the Garden State which is now out of business.

Going on Thanksgiving holiday reminded me why I love where I live. First, my climate is mild, my streets less congested, my neighbors less pretentious and no one brings their dogs to the mall or transports them in little doggie strollers as if they are babies.... at least not this part of the state. (North of me? that may be the case). Either or, its annoying. Give me a break already! People care more about their dogs and saving the whales than they do about the homeless or aborting babies. Yes babies-not fetuses (but, that's another post for a rainy day).

With Christmas right around the corner, its scary to think that all my babies are very close to another birthday. But it is a precious thing any many ways. They are growing and learning and developing their personalities everyday. It is exciting to see their faces light up when they find a lost treasure 0r the pride they have when they are "teaching" a sibling something that they have learned and mastered. I am blessed with 4 awesome super heroes!

Christmas holiday advice for Now til January 1, 2010:
And as always, in every holiday season I have committed not to over commit and to give a slow "yes "and a quick "no" and at the end of the day, it makes all the difference.

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Giovanna said...

I know it! I'm so sick of hearing about the Tiger Woods deal. I mean really, is there really that little news going on that we have to have 10 minute updates on Tiger's life. Please....