Friday, February 5, 2010

Isn't love a funny thing?

Women love a good love story... I am fond of author Nicholas Sparks-especially, The Notebook and The Choice. Besides the fact that his beloved stories are often set in North Carolina, they are easy, comfortable reads. As I been on my reading quest this year, I found something so interesting in Genesis 29.It popped out at me, and then, I couldn't stop thinking of it. First I must say a man named Jacob tricked his father and got his fathers blessing that rightfully belonged to his brother Essau. His mother made sure of it. She obviously loved him more than she loved Essau. Jacob falls in love with a beautiful girl named Rachel and wants to marry her. Rachel's father Laban then tricks Jacob and gives him Leah instead of Rachel as a wife. (It was customary in their country that the first born daughter is married first) and Jacob doesn't realized that he's been hoodwinked until the day after the wedding. (Whatever you sew, you reap). Laban gives him Rachel a week later but he has to work for Laban another 7 years, for her. And then what jumped out at me was that God saw that Leah was unloved and gave her children. (Amazing proof that God's heart aches when ours does and he rushes in with healing). Beautiful Rachel on the other hand was infertile. With each birth of her children Leah hoped that her husband would love her. She kept saying, now I have given him a son, now my husband will love me..But he didn't, he still did not love her. He still did not think she was beautiful (although he had no problem sleeping with her). Having his children did not make him love her. With the birth of her 4th son, she said, This time I will praise God. And after that, she had no more children. It seems to me after she found contentment in her creator and stopped striving, she found the love that she was looking for. A love story of sorts full of deceit, heartache, jealousy, birth, and bondage to a father in law who prospered from the labor of his son in law. A true story based on facts! Who knew the Bible could be so juicy?

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