Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Tuesdays are by far the busiest "home"school day we have.. Cookie goes to lunch, Chapel, Musical Theatre, Bible Club, and Piano. When that is over I zoom to pick her up and have a 2 hour window then I drop her off to chorus for 2 hours. By the time we get back home it's between 8:30 or 9:00 at night. While she is out Rocco, Noahkeem & Dolly do math, grammar reading and laundry.

Noahkeem thought that doing laundry and housework wasn't "school". That made me laugh. I explained to him that " most 5 year old boys have no clue what it means to sort laundry, wash it, dry it, fold it nicely and put it away. They have no clue what it means to dust a shelf, sweep a floor and snuggle with Mom while she reads Charlotte's Web in the middle of the afternoon. He on the other hand is being equipped with all these skills and in the long run will be a better man. So it is school Noahkeem, it's called Home Economics and Relationships 101.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Slice and bake

There is just something yummy about slice and bake cookies. But also something mysterious. It never fails. I will by one role with the goal of getting 4 dozen out of it. Which isn't very hard. I just use one scoop per cookie ( a small cereal spoon size). I made 2 dozen little chocolate chip cookies in the last 24 hours. One batch for coffee and girl time, I had with a neighbor, the other batch for a Life group I've been going to. Today I open the freezer and what do I see but an unrecognizable amount of cookie dough. I know what happened and I know exactly how it disappeared but, I didn't have a freak out moment, I just realized that there is someone in the house that loves the slice more than the bake. I'm okay with that.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Really God?

Yesterday was hairy. But as the day came to a close and it was time to go out to celebrate my 13th wedding anniversary, things smoothed themselves out. Big D and I went to a little spot in Towne Center and the kiddos swam in the heated pool at the Cosmo -supervised of course.

Yet, in the midst of the "crazy" though, I was sitting at my computer- trying to do "work" and I overheard Rocco "teaching" the 2 little ones. I heard him say, "Cast all your cares on God"... It was sooo timely. And that's exactly what I needed to hear at that exact moment. Isn't it amazing how God speaks to us in that gentle, still , small voice? Isn't it interesting how we are soo busy at times and sooo revved up that we say we can't hear him or that he doesn't speak to us?

What is He saying to you today?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Make Over

I finally saw a bathroom that I fell in love with and have been stalking the site for days now just to find out today that they took it down/or can not be found over at Rate My Space. So annoying! But, I have a plan.. I know what paints and supplies I need and I'm putting it all in my idea note book and that will be Big D's anniversary gift to me. On Monday we will be officially married for 13 years. I'll blog more about anniversaries later.

A few things I learned in Homeschool this week are:

-Even blue magnet/blue ribbon public schools are not free from the liberal agenda. There is not enough room to list the stories I heard this week. Nor not enough space to waste.

-Life is too short not to eat sugar coated cereal-once in a while. Yes my friends, I broke down and put a box of Cookie Crisps in the shopping cart... I shouldn't even say I broke down and did it because no one had to twist my arm and I felt absolutely no guilt about doing it. I guess I felt okay because the cereal wasn't green, yellow, pink, red or any other magical rainbow color.

-No matter how many times I set the boys straight about the curtains in their bedroom, someone is apt to "accidentally" pull them down again. The blinds are gone because they broke those, the roller shades are gone because they ripped those, and now Noahkeems curtains, which I just put back up last month are now down again for the 2nd time in one week. I'm beyond annoyed and am seeking solutions. (Feel free to comment and/or chime in here).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A sense of peace

I don't know why I feel I have to title my posts and hope that at the end of it, the title matches the content. Anywho, it was a great cloudy day in my little neck of the woods. I did manage to catch up on some sleep. a 3hr uber power nap. Much needed as I battle crazy insomnia at times. (Are those violin's I hear in the distance?)

I have tons of little projects running around in my brain fighting to be the first in line. But they all must take a back seat as I continue to declutter the things in my domain that are just things and taking up way to much space and energy. I have tons of books in the back of the mom mobile to be donated-tomorrow. I can also see that I will be taking at least one trip to see if I can consign some "stuff". But in the mean time- what is "mean-time" any way, I'll be in Dolly's room organizing or should I say reorganizing and packing up stuff that no longer plays a role in her little life.
I do have to pat myself on the back and give myself a little credit. I managed to prep the 10 gallon tank in the play room for fish b.k.a. filled it with H2O. This has been an ongoing project. All the school supplies are organized in the play room. But, I must also slow the back patting down and start with the head scratching. Why? Because I realized the huge cabinet that I have the supplies in- needs to house my sewing machine, craft and sewing stuff and I may move it to a different room AND the gargantuan armoire upstairs is full of my sewing stuff. Not only that, the armoire is housing China and dishes that make me happy that need to be moved to my kitchen-an idea I had years ago, and one that popped back into mind thanks to Nate Burkus.
Since the Kitchen is one of my major offices here at the Homeschool Academy, it has to not only function but, also inspire.

That being said, I most acknowledge our newest playmate, Janssen. She is clearly older than me and holds 88 weighted keys of ivory. It has been a dream come true to have her come live with us. I have been waiting for her my whole life.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Is this week one or 2?

I can't figure out if this is week 1 or 2 of our little homeschool de cul de sac. I do know that it was one full week. We had swimming, chorus, drums, piano, theatre, art, chapel, organized lunch, and soccer. Is it me or are we into the arts? It was a very busy and stressful week but, we got through it. This evening was our first "practice" with our new soccer league. I saw some familiar faces and some people from my previous soccer league. It was fun to bump into friends from other co-ops and activities thus, we now are forming new circles.

We decided not to go the Boy Scout Route and declined on Royal Rangers also- for a number of reasons. Reasons that would take too long for me to hash out right now. But, I don't think that Rocco will suffer. He's at a co-op this year, on a new soccer team, and then this Wednesday I will re-join MOPS for another season because by golly, I just need to be there and he -Rocco, will have yet another group of buddies to get acquainted with. Enough about Rocco.

I look forward to MOPS this year. Several years ago before I had Rocco I joined an awesome MOPS group-which I loved, and then when I was pregnant with Dolly I joined another great one, I even facilitated a group after she was born and now that I have Dolly and Noahkeem are 3 &5, I feel the need to be apart of MOPS again. Thankfully my church hosts a group. (The kids age out of the program when they are 6) So I have 3 more seasons of opportunity- if I want it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschoolers and Computer time

I bought Dolly a couple workbooks from the Dollar Tree so she can "do" school too. We were not even 30 minutes into the school day and she kept saying, "What me do next? What me do next?" Cookie was nice enough to read the directions for her-even though I explained them to her a little under a million times. Later during the day she said, "Me not get computer time" When will I get puter time, PBS Kids,". "Please me do PBS Kids now".

I looked at Dolly and said to her , "I think you had computer time already. Didn't you do Curious George?" In reply she said, "Me not love him". She then repeated herself slowly- just in case I wasn't getting the point, "P...B...S...Kids". Is it me or did she want some more computer time?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Thank God for George Williams.

I have been a SAHM for 10 years now-an entire decade. Over the last 10 years I must admit/confess my breaks, down time, me time , decompression time, whatever you want to call it has never been consistent. I can't stress enough to mothers at home how very important it is to find some kind of refreshment. It's hard to pour out your life from an empty pitcher.

Some women get manicures every 2 weeks, go to the hair salon on the regular, have girl's night out once a week, go on mini vacay's with their girlfriends, join a book club, take a class, pray, nap.. but they do something for sanity, refreshment, a little break, a little regroup time so that they may be recharged to give back to those they love them most.

Let me tell you what happens when that is absent. The mother is a crab, she is unhappy, she is angry and depressed. She is wilted and in desperate need of water but the demands of life offer nothing to quench her thirst and her life rapidly becomes dehydrated. Despite her need to be re hydrated life keeps sucking her dry. I can always tell when I am not balanced. I can always tell when my spirit is dry. Over the years, I have learned that #1 People will take from you far more than they give back, #2 No one cares whether or not you are refreshed. #3 No one cares about how much you may or may not need a break- unless they are invested in you and they are concerned about your growth as a mother or woman. #4 Kids need a mother not a martyr who sacrifices for every one at the cost of her health, spiritual, mental and emotional being. #5 Kids don't need a martyr who is constantly on the altar of self denial in order to please those around her and it is clear that no one sacrifices themselves for her well being or happiness and thus she withers.

So, this year-this school year I am once again presented with the opportunity to engage in new relationships, cultivate some old and build up my Relaxation Stations in which I can recharge who I am. Which brings me to what I am thankful for today. A man named George Williams. A man who had no clue that I would, many years later after his death utilize what he planted, what he created from a need that arose in his own life. Because he created a space for men of his generation to pray and reflect and to enjoy athletics, it has afforded me the opportunity to decompress, connect, laugh, get energized and focus on my goals all the while having someone care for my children. I am so thankful for this outlet and the man who saw his vision come to past. A man who had no idea that in 2010 a stay at home diva like myself would be participating in programs in an organization he founded so many years ago. George Williams my friends, was the founder of the YMCA. Seek out your places of peace and solitude today.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Counting my blessings; waiting for the storm

A couple of weeks ago the fam and I were traveling back from the Outerbanks of N.C. Before leaving we stopped for Din Din. We all got these amazing burgers-except for Noahkeem who thrives on Chicken and Fries. Prior to us paying our tab, and 10 minutes prior to closing, we were eyeballing these amazing cinnamon buns they were at least 3 inches high by 4 wide. We told the woman behind the counter that we would take one. Would you believe that she said "I'll tell you what, I'll just give you these. We are closing and we are going to throw them out anyway, they were baked this morning". She then got 4 large take out boxes and took the tray off buns and put them in the boxes. The buns were so huge that she had to gently smash the covers shut. As I walked out of the restaurant, I thought to myself , this is just another way that God shows his self faithful. He did say if we gave "it" would be given unto us. I reminded the kids that this was an example of God blessing us. (we often have conversations of how God will reward us in relation to how we have blessed others, and of course my chickadees want to know, how, when, and where God will bless). As I went down the stairs and to the mom mobile, aka minivan, I thanked the Lord under my breath.

Yet hurricane Earl is threatening to tear through the OBX (Outerbanks). If there is ever a hurricane watch, that area is usually it hard. So my pray this afternoon is that the hurricane would change its course and go back out to sea, that our dear friends and family would be protect all the way up and down the east coast, that God's hand of protection would be on our dwelling place and that high winds and rains would not adversely affect us. And now I go and wait.