Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Counting my blessings; waiting for the storm

A couple of weeks ago the fam and I were traveling back from the Outerbanks of N.C. Before leaving we stopped for Din Din. We all got these amazing burgers-except for Noahkeem who thrives on Chicken and Fries. Prior to us paying our tab, and 10 minutes prior to closing, we were eyeballing these amazing cinnamon buns they were at least 3 inches high by 4 wide. We told the woman behind the counter that we would take one. Would you believe that she said "I'll tell you what, I'll just give you these. We are closing and we are going to throw them out anyway, they were baked this morning". She then got 4 large take out boxes and took the tray off buns and put them in the boxes. The buns were so huge that she had to gently smash the covers shut. As I walked out of the restaurant, I thought to myself , this is just another way that God shows his self faithful. He did say if we gave "it" would be given unto us. I reminded the kids that this was an example of God blessing us. (we often have conversations of how God will reward us in relation to how we have blessed others, and of course my chickadees want to know, how, when, and where God will bless). As I went down the stairs and to the mom mobile, aka minivan, I thanked the Lord under my breath.

Yet hurricane Earl is threatening to tear through the OBX (Outerbanks). If there is ever a hurricane watch, that area is usually it hard. So my pray this afternoon is that the hurricane would change its course and go back out to sea, that our dear friends and family would be protect all the way up and down the east coast, that God's hand of protection would be on our dwelling place and that high winds and rains would not adversely affect us. And now I go and wait.

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