Saturday, September 18, 2010

Make Over

I finally saw a bathroom that I fell in love with and have been stalking the site for days now just to find out today that they took it down/or can not be found over at Rate My Space. So annoying! But, I have a plan.. I know what paints and supplies I need and I'm putting it all in my idea note book and that will be Big D's anniversary gift to me. On Monday we will be officially married for 13 years. I'll blog more about anniversaries later.

A few things I learned in Homeschool this week are:

-Even blue magnet/blue ribbon public schools are not free from the liberal agenda. There is not enough room to list the stories I heard this week. Nor not enough space to waste.

-Life is too short not to eat sugar coated cereal-once in a while. Yes my friends, I broke down and put a box of Cookie Crisps in the shopping cart... I shouldn't even say I broke down and did it because no one had to twist my arm and I felt absolutely no guilt about doing it. I guess I felt okay because the cereal wasn't green, yellow, pink, red or any other magical rainbow color.

-No matter how many times I set the boys straight about the curtains in their bedroom, someone is apt to "accidentally" pull them down again. The blinds are gone because they broke those, the roller shades are gone because they ripped those, and now Noahkeems curtains, which I just put back up last month are now down again for the 2nd time in one week. I'm beyond annoyed and am seeking solutions. (Feel free to comment and/or chime in here).

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cschneider said...

use plastic pvc. drill holes in the ends for hooks. Place through top and bottom of curtain. hooks at bottom of curtain point to the floor. Hopefully ur curtains can be altered that way. Good luck and hope it helps.