Thursday, September 9, 2010

Preschoolers and Computer time

I bought Dolly a couple workbooks from the Dollar Tree so she can "do" school too. We were not even 30 minutes into the school day and she kept saying, "What me do next? What me do next?" Cookie was nice enough to read the directions for her-even though I explained them to her a little under a million times. Later during the day she said, "Me not get computer time" When will I get puter time, PBS Kids,". "Please me do PBS Kids now".

I looked at Dolly and said to her , "I think you had computer time already. Didn't you do Curious George?" In reply she said, "Me not love him". She then repeated herself slowly- just in case I wasn't getting the point, "P...B...S...Kids". Is it me or did she want some more computer time?

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