Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Thankful List 2010

It's that time of year again when I compile my Thankful List. I am thankful to God for so many things. The list below is not necessary in order of importance.

I am Thankful for

  • My Ipod
  • I Tunes
  • Decaf Mocha Lattes after a hard day at work
  • My Zojiruishi Bread Machine- Need I say more?
  • My Beloved Crock Pot
  • My Freedom to brainwash/home educate my kids
  • My Lake
  • My Hammock
  • My Piano
  • My Kids who make me laugh, cry, and Pray
  • My husband
  • Mom mobile a.k.a Mini van, which has seen me through many miles on the Eastern Seaboard
  • Altoids- of which I was formally addicted and still going through withdrawal
  • my glue gun
  • Rainy days where I can stay in
  • Folk Music
  • Arts & Craft shows
  • My mother- who can say enough about an amazing mother?
  • God-who is faithful and patient in every growth process I am in, Who provides in the 11th hour and consequently stretches my faith and causes me to trust Him more
  • My Cameras. Both Digital and SLR (Can cameras be considered analog?) They both tell stories I can never put into words
  • The Beach
  • Parks

1 comment:

sunshineperri said...

What type of crockpot do you have??
Somehow I lost your blog and have found it again. So sorry for your resent loss. It is so hard especially when it happens with the holidays. Your in my prayers.