Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Across the miles

Out of curiosity I set the odometer to clock how many miles I drive in a given week. Much to my surprise the distance I drove was equivalent to a 4 hour trip.

The first week of November I drove 381 miles! Yes you read correctly 381 ! That includes 1 meeting, 1 soccer practice, 1 trip to the grocery store, 1 birthday party, 3 choral rehearsals, 2 choral concerts, 2 round trips to co-op and back home again, a couple trips to the gas station and not one trip to the Y! All totaling 381 miles of me in the car with the kids.

The second week of November, I said to myself, "Oh lets just clock it again". Although less miles this time, nevertheless close to 200 miles!

Now week three, on yesterday the 15th I reset the trip odometer again and am eager to report my findings.... All I can say right now is that something is wrong with this picture.

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