Monday, January 17, 2011


Today is week 2 of me finally teaching my art class. I am blessed to have a great group of kids from the neighborhood. We had a lot of fun today painting rocks.

Some time during the day, the sky got grey. I didn't know if it would snow or rain. But I knew one thing, I miss my girl who passed away. I actually thought that she was going to be calling me any minute or drive down my street in her little white car but, I realized, she's not here. She's gone. She died. And even though I lost people before, she was close, she was a true sister. More than that to a certain degree, I know my sadness is selfish, I want her back for me. I know her parents miss her far more than I will ever understand. For fear of turning this blog into a big grief session, I'm gonna take a break and figure out this pain.

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolutions

I'm staying positive and trusting in my faith. Even though I miss my girl, each day gets better, little by little.
On to New Years Resolutions- First Never make these in January. Second Never make these.
But when someone asks what my New Years Resolution is I think to myself and keep the real ones a secret. The few things I hope to do this year are:
  • rid myself of all debt to the library-forever.
  • Sing as loud as I can at every opportunity I have
  • find the perfect shade of lavender to paint my nails
  • letterbox in the spring
  • spend as much time outside with my kids as possible
  • get my garden together
I think that should keep me busy for a while.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


A few days before Christmas one of my dearest and closest friends passed away. It was sudden and unexpected. She was an awesome girl! We met a little over 7 years ago and immediately clicked. She was one of the very few "sister friends" that I have. She loved my kids and she was a wonderful auntie to them. Rocco would sometimes ask me, "Mommy, is she really your sister and I would say, "Yes, she's my adopted sister, and Nan (my mother) considers her one of her daughters". It's interesting how some of the people that you are closest to are not your flesh and blood.

I loved my sisterfriend and I am glad, I let her know. I am glad I had the opportunity to share life with her. We have so many wonderful memories together. But right now, I can't stop the tears from flowing. Yet I know in my heart without a shadow of doubt because Jesus was her Savior that she is in Heaven. My human mind can not comprehend the joy that she is experiencing right now. I rest in the comfort that God's word says that He is close to the broken hearted. He knows how we, who are still here feel. He wept when Lazarus died.

If you love someone, it's so important to let them know. If you're walking around in unforgiveness and bitterness, forgive and release those who have you captive in bitterness. If you haven't made a decision to choose Christ, choose Him today. Life is a precious gift and eternity is just one breath away.