Saturday, February 12, 2011

Better Late than Never!

I got to the Y a little before 9 today because Noahkeem's team meets a half hour before games to practice. As we rushed into the gym much to my surprise none of the kids had the same jersey as him. I was 1 hour early! I couldn't believe it! It was deja vu! Just 2 weeks prior, I told Big D the wrong time for Rocco's game so he ended up not making it. After looking at the clock once again, I signed my boys into "The Interactive Zone" to play Wii and all the other crazy dancing, jumping, biking activities there while I got myself a coffee and some glossies a.k.a magazines. I then sat down on the couch and relaxed. As I was skimming through some home decor mag, I made a mental note to go back to Books-a-million to get a large-grid family organizer wall calender. Which I might ad was only 3 bucks! So after Rocco's game, we zoomed down the highway and got the calendar. After we got back in the car, I ripped open the cellophane and saw that the blocks (the little box where the date is) were even bigger than advertised. Yippee. So tonight's project is taking the color coded pen -one color for each kid, and purple for Big Daddy, and writing down every one's schedule, and appointments and all the stuff that keeps me busy, crazy, and thankful that voicemail exists.

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