Saturday, February 12, 2011

How could I forget my Nu beginning?

After much contemplation and deciding against a boy cut, I decided to do Nubian knots- on my own. It took about 4 hours. I am pretty happy with the results.Yet 2 weeks later and it is time to retouch them. Otherwise I would take a pic now and upload it. Unfortunately the only pics I have when it was first done are on my camera phone and I don't have the mini usb cord to upload them my blog. So I sent the pic to another cell phone that has Internet on it in hopes that the blackberry guru can email it back to me and I can upload it to my blog. So if you're really curious Google Nubian Knots and that should give you an idea.

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eliz said...

I love Nubian Knots! I used to do them on my Hope Precious' head all the time when she was little! They were just so her!! :o) Now she's almost 18 and she straightens (gasp) her hair with electric flat irons. I gasp because she has the most beautiful curls and I miss them. But she's so talented at fixing her hair how she likes, I have nothing but admiration for her talent! :o)