Sunday, February 20, 2011

Not only does he love me, he likes me.

I rarely blog on a Sunday but, was just feeling like I should publicly give God glory for all He has done for me. I always tell people about how God is concerned about every little detail of our lives. Today someone (Yes someone, because I don't know their name), reminded me that every hair on our head is numbered by God, every one of them he assigns a number to. Would it then be inconceivable that he cares about other minute details of our lives? Lately, it seems as though in the midst of my crazy life, every time I turn around God hits me with the reality that He is there-with me, loves me incredibly, and will never, ever give up on me. He is my biggest cheerleader. And as I trust Him more all of the negative thoughts and feelings self generated, or externally directed at me begin to pale in comparison to who He is and how He feels about me. For that I am grateful. So today I just want to say thank you Lord, I know with out and ounce of doubt that there is no one else like You!

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Angela said...

Amen! That is awesome!