Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The best thing I heard about dating relationships all day!

I knew I wasn't crazy!  Looking back on my life, and the lives of countless others, the teen years have proven to be some of the most trying.  As a Christian Mom, I have come to feel and believe over the years all the "normal stuff"  that teenagers go through are not "normal".  I have been socialized to believe that dating, heartbreak, rejections, "finding out who you are" and a whole lot of humanistic beliefs were "just a part of growing up" and is necessary for children to go through these things to be a well rounded individual.. I say its bull!  I  used to feel condemned by people who were anti-home school because they often accused me of "sheltering my children".  I now stand firm and know for a fact I'm just doing what my Father has taught me: to abide under His shadow and cover my children with my wings.  Quite often, we rush out from the protection and wisdom of the Almighty only to fall on our faces and ending up blaming God for all of the ill in our lives. Could someone tell me then why on earth I would teach my children that it is okay to jump in and out of relationships, break up, get together, experiment with sex and alternative lifestyles knowing that it will only breed a life full of regret and pain for years to come. Are you kidding me?  Voddie Baucham said it best in his book, "Family Driven Faith".

"Modern American dating is no more than glorified divorce practice. Young people are learning how to give themselves away in exclusive, romantic, highly committed (at times sexual) relationships, only to break up and do it all over again. God never intended for His kids to live like this. And instead of stepping in and doing something, many Christian parents simply view these types of relationships as a normal and necessary part of growing up. Unless your child is wiser than Solomon, stronger than Samson, and more godly than David (all of whom sinned sexually), they are susceptible to sexual sin, and these premature relationships serve as open invitations" --Voddie Baucham, "Family Driven Faith"


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Angela said...

So true! I would have saved myself a LOT of heartache and time if I had treated my relationships with guys the way that God says to do it! What a blessing you are to your kids! =)