Sunday, March 6, 2011

Is this the month of my birth?

My birthday is this month and I almost have to psych myself up so that I am comfortable with next age before it gets here.  Luckily, I don't look my age so friends are usually shocked when I break down and confess my true age. I have given up on getting the big ticket items on my birthday list and have resolved just to get those myself.  I guess what I really want this year is a carrot cake- with no nuts, or soggy pineapple.  Carrot cake is my absolute favorite.  My wedding cake was even carrot cake!  Besides a carrot cake, I would love to do something fun besides go out and eat like, play with clay or paint or even go somewhere and stare at the clouds.  And if it happens to rain, I would love to veg out and watch reality TV uninterrupted with a nice bowl of ice cream or maybe chips and salsa but, the  chances of that happening is very slim.  We'll see what happens.


J&J said...

Hmmm...we may be the same age or close! People are usually shocked when I tell them my age too.

eliz said...

Happy Birthday! I'm waaaaay older than everybody! LOL! That's why I like to point out that I had a surprise baby at 47 and he's 7 now! ;o) So I'm not too old! LOL!

BlairSprouse said...

I hope that u have the most wonderful birthday! have enjoyed rediscovering you! You posted a long time ago to my family blog and home school blog.
The family blog:
The homeschool blog:

I have started a gluten/casein free food blog:

I am going to try your curried chicken. The recipe looks divine!