Friday, March 11, 2011

Mommy, when is your birthday?

Okay, here is a picture of what my Nubian Knots look like at the moment.  I tend to unravel them and thus they are more like Nubian Waves. Getting on with the post at hand, I have been wondering, how many times will I hear the question: "Mommy, when is your birthday?".  I keep sending my little people to the calender to count the days til that infamous day. The other questions that keep circulating through out the day are: "what do you want for your birthday?" "What do you want to do for your birthday?" "Where do you want to eat on your birthday?"

I figured I would take these questions seriously, think about them and respond.  This is what I came up with so far:   -
  • My birthday is in about 20 days.
  • I want:  My kids to listen and obey right away on that day, I want a flag for my flag pole, a Wii, 1 Indian Cook Book, 1 Mexican Cook Book, Itunes gift card, Work out clothes, new sneakers, jewelry, anything relating to crafts or better yet a gift card to one of the major craft stores.
  • I want to go: roller blading which I haven't done in 10+ years, make jewelry, go for a walk in a park, go to the movies, play a game of Taboo, go kayaking, play tennis or watch a lot of reality TV with chips and salsa  if its rainy out.
  • I want to:  turn on the TV and not hear about Charlie Sheen, torrential rain, or who died, got robbed, got killed .  or whose house caught on fire.
  • I want to eat: Mint chocolate chip ice cream, Fried fish, french fries, and hush puppies and a big fat glass of lemonade. I want a huge slice of carrot cake and a hot cup of decaf coffee to make my night complete.
  • I want: my kids to tuck me in and tell me a bedtime story before putting themselves to bed.
  •  I want to:  get up the next day and put my new sneakers on along with my new work out clothes and listen to my new songs I put on my Ipod thanks to my Itunes gift card I would have gotten on my birthday, and go for a walk around the neighborhood, in hopes that all the calories that I savored on my birthday would melt away by the time I make it around the block but, not after going to get a bagel with yummy cream cheese on it.
And that my friends is all I want for my birthday.

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