Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Back home -Finally

Did I already mention that I hate long car rides?  Everyone did pretty good, in light of the fact that the DVD player kept going back to the beginning of the video mid movie.  So out of  the 15 plus videos we bought with us, the kids probably only got to watch a full 2. The last 30 minutes of the trip turned in to 1 hour because of major traffic congestion due to an accident on the bridge we were trying to cross.    To recap my trip I figured I'd share a little list of thoughts and reflections:

What I learned, thought,  and or otherwise annoyed me on my trip:
  • My children are one of my greatest accomplishments and I love them above everything, and no in the world loves them more than I do.
  • If a sign reads "Our pedestrians have the right of way", pedestrians should realize that does not mean, the entire road.  in other words "Move over!!!!!"
  • After a while you know who is in your corner, in the opposing corner and who is the fly on the wall.
  • Kids could care less about time when they are having fun.
  • Time does fly when you're having fun.
  • Time does stand still when you are not.
  • When you walk your dog, clean up his poop.
  • Assume nothing. Always ask.
  • Hush puppies that are not made from real cornmeal, and don't  have chopped onions in them can not be considered hush puppies.  Just call them what they are, Fried Jiffy Cornbread balls.
  • If hush puppies are darker than an old penny, somebody needs to change the oil.
  • If  I am shopping, and I tell you I do not need your help, I'm just browsing, don't keep asking me if I need your help, or if I found what I was looking for.
  • If I am in your store and  clearly looking at something with one or all of my adorable children, don't come over with tons of items I'm not remotely interested in,  that would require me to spend $50.00 more than I intended to when I walked into your store.
  • If I am not talking  and my eyes are closed and  I have ear buds on, that usually means I am listening to something phenomenal on my ipod that I have downloaded and am now experiencing the best opportunity  to listen to it  and I have no desire to engage in superficial boring conversation. Or it could just mean, I am bored beyond tears that I can't even cry.
  • If a sign reads, "Yield to pedestrians" that does not mean keep driving until you are a foot away from them and stop so that they can cross the street.
  • If a sign reads, "Yield to pedestrians" that does not mean look for your keys, fumble with your cell phone, stop in the crosswalk and carry on other business that you can do after you  cross the street or at your car.
  • Sunshine on one's back is an awesome feeling.
  • You are never to old for ice cream.
  • No matter how great things are or how dull things are, there is no place like home.

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