Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gone with the wind!

Last night while Cookie was at chorus, I decided to go to Walmart.  It was my first trip to this particular Walmart.  It was fairly new and my shopping started off very happy and carefree.  (The rest of my crew was with their dad).  I got paper goods and a couple of snacks.  Upon leaving out of the store-to go pick up Cookie, I noticed that it was raining and the wind was blowing.  Before I could even cross the street, my 3 page grocery list began to blow away.  What did I do?  I began to push my cart quickly in the direction f the paper that was now quickly blowing down the sidewalk like tumbleweed on steroids.  I said to my self in this frantic episode.  "Stop pushing the cart, and chase your papers down!" then I said "If I park my cart here, what if someone comes up and steals my groceries?" . I managed to get one sheet.  The other 2 kept blowing, I began chasing but, the more I chased, the faster they blew away.    Suddenly I had flash backs to Middle school where homework or some important paper was  blowing a way in the wind.  And as on lookers gaped I realized back then, that it was a lost race.  After seeing that I wasn't going to get my list I heard my self saying out loud, "What ever!  What ever!".  After I got to the van, I had a brilliant idea:  "See if I can find the papers on that side of the building!"  So I quickly  drove in the direction in which my list was blowing and as I turned the corner to the side of Walmart, to my dismay I saw a sea of white papers and litter dancing around in a little cyclone!  Then I heard the little voice in my head say, "It's only a list... It's only a list".  I can't say I learned anything valuable from this moment except to make sure my grocery list is secure in my purse before leaving the store and  sometimes it's okay  not to chase things that are not valuable and to just let them blow away and be gone with the wind.

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