Saturday, April 16, 2011

He Rocks!

2 Nights ago. Rocco had his first drum showcase.  It was an awesome concert put together by his drum teacher.  There was a high school marching band present, and music students from 5 different schools his teacher teaches at.

The room was overflowing with talent and creativity.  Rocco is a beginner student but, not a beginner to rhythm.  When he was 15 months old he caught my attention.  I watched this little baby bang out a beat on the ottoman that he saw on a cartoon. "Boom Boom Bop"  Which we typically count out as 1,2,3, 1,2,3,.   or 1,2,-3.  Its a beat that you probably hear daily if you are a music listener.  You can hear a drummer in almost any given song playing in time, 1, 2, -3.  Anywho, I stood in my family room, staring in awe this baby playing, and I said to myself-he needs a drum.  I bought him a leap pad drum, then a snare, then a colonial, and now he has an electronic drum set,  hoping for a traditional one. In between that, he's gotten a conga, and a pair of bongos. I knew then, that music was his gifting. 

After his music teacher called him up, Rocco began to play-his teacher accompanied him on the keys and Rocco, rocked the house! He was amazing! The speed and agility in which he moved both hands while playing his song, blew me away.  I wasn't the only one blown away; the students from the other schools cheered, howled, and gave Rocco a standing ovation!   And all I could say to myself was, "That's my Boy!"  That's my boy!

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