Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Porta Potty!

One thing I dread in public is when one of my little people has to use the potty and the only option is the dreaded porta-potty.  This light blue castle (most of the time), sends my gag reflex reeling into a place beyond control.  Okay maybe I'm exaggerating.  I can't stand these blue bins of germs because usually they are filthy, splattered with urine on the seat and floor, and most of all reeks of the globs of toilet tissue and fecal matter piled in the portal itself!  It all spells germs and disease to me!  Last Saturday, Dolly said she had to "go" and the only option was the porta-potty.  This is the only time in life I wish my kids were still in diapers.  Upon opening the door she said, "Ewwww" even though it did not smell as bad as some I have been in.  She then looked in the portal, and said, "I'll hold it, til we get home".  All the while me, her mother was gagging and on the verge of vomiting.  I never let any of them sit on the seat, I hold them in a way that their feet  are on my thighs, my forearm is under the back of their knees and my other arm is supporting their back and underarm.  This maneuver allows them to squat freely while still secure. Nevertheless, I gag all through the ordeal.  Note to self : everyone must use the bathroom at home before going to a place with these horrid receptacles, Limit liquid intake while at these types of events. If we are close to home, pray that they can hold it.

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