Thursday, April 28, 2011

Y Change?

I started the "Ychange" fitness program at my  local YMCA and much to my dismay after logging in one days worth of meals, I discovered that I took in 1000 calories more than what I was supposed to.   I'm not over weight, I just want to loose a tiny bit, but, the trainer seems to think that my weight goal was unreasonably healthy since my body fat is already less than 25%.  (I guess the rest is 75% skin and bones). But after finding out, that my 1 cup snack of sunflower seeds was a whopping 799 calories, I plan to boost up the cardio majorly! But somehow I am sabotaging myself because if I eat the same and exercise more, I'll maintain my weight not loose any. I am not certainly the type of girl who would starve herself to loose weight, I always thought that was dumb, especially if I am hungry.  I always assumed that if your tummy is growling that means eat not starve yourself!  In the mean time I'm going to ponder whether or not another cup of sunflower seeds is really worth it.

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