Saturday, June 25, 2011

Is it me?

While leaving a museum in the spring me and the kids made a pit stop at a park.  This sign was as big as day I had to post the picture of it.

Late last night I went to Starbucks for an unreasonably expensive coffee. Which by the way was good to the last drop.  I bought my ipod and a magazine to read but, couldn't bear to sit in the clearly loved over sized velvet green chairs.  All I could think of was that they were probably riddled with dust mites and bedbugs.  So as quickly as I sat down, I got up and left and took my "Me time" snack & entertainment to another location.  But this episode of paranoia got me creepped out about another destination, Barnes & Noble.  Same issue, overstuffed chairs which are probably never vacuumed out or spot cleaned let alone shampooed probably have tons of dust mites and bed bugs.  I get that same creepy feeling at the kids dr.s' office and in almost all waiting areas that have cloth chairs.  I don't like seats in movie theatres for the same reason- but you wouldn't know that given the last time I went to the theatre was about a year ago.  Nevertheless I was able to find a comfortable spot back in the Mom-mobile, which happens to have leather seats not cloth.

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