Monday, August 15, 2011

Computer time

I don't know why I tried to enforce computer time in the first place, the chart I made indicating whose computer time it was at what time is gone! AND Dolly-who is 4 I might add, seems to know how to get on PBS Kids and time she feels like it.  Everyone abuses computer time!  I tried securing a password on the thing but, that didn't work because the password screen never pops up. Short of disconnecting the modem, I'm at a loss!

It has been either too hot to go out side to the pool or to the beach because well- ITS BEEN TOO HOT or the wildfires that are burning are blowing in our direction making the air thick with smoke and making it unbearable to go out side. It has been rocket science to juggle the indoor activities so that no one is bored, maintain the peace, monitor the tv time, and the all dread computer time all the while trying to get major house projects done.  What projects?  Did I forget to mention that all of the deferred maintenance is now being taken care of? Or should I say worked on?  Floors, walls, yard, roof, paint, weeding, deck, trimming, purging, decluttering, cleaning, hauling.  Need I say more?  All this and what's at the top of my list? Trying to keep my people from being sucked away into the land of virtual reality.

Interestingly enough, during one of my insomnia attacks, I logged on to facebook and read one of the most intelligent, updates!  "Later for all the friending and defriending drama on Facebook" I mean really!  I have been defriended by a couple of people I barely knew and the few that defriended me I havent talked to in close to 10 years anyway.  Facebook is a mixed bag. I was hooked when I first got my acct but, its corny to me now.  I am a lurker. I go there peek at peoples pages and leave.  I also have to admit that I don't go on facebook too often.  This is because I have one of my emails hooked up so that I can see if anyone has invited me to anything or wants to friend me or sent me a message.   And of course if I'm thinking of someone and want to let them know I might give them a shout out but, I just don't have the time.  Primarily because someone is always hogging my desk top.

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