Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ride the Tide

This weekend was the "grand opening" of a commuter train in our area, appropriately named the Tide.  From Friday til Sunday night, all rides were free.  So instead of church, I took the kidderinos  to one of the stations- in the blazing sun, and waited about 30 minutes to board the "light rail".  So what did I think?  I wondered what the whole point was and who will actually be using it?  It  has a couple stops in a downtown area of one town, one at a minor league ball field, a stop at a university and a medical school but, short of that-and a few extra stops, its not like it was commuting itself to other major towns in the area.  I used to live outside of New York city so our local train hit tons of towns in our area and of course headed to New York City.  Maybe I'm just spoiled but,  I wished I would have tracked the project closely enough so that my voice would have been heard in the planning stages.  Will I use the new system in the future? Probably not. The reason?  Well , by the time I drive to the station, I could very well be at my destination. But who knows, I might find myself blogging in the future about another ride on the Tide.

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