Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bullies? Are you kidding me?

There was an article in today's paper about dealing with bullies.  I didn't have the patience to read it so I decided to write my own article about bullies and offer my "No Tolerance" Policy.
No Tolerance Policy for Bullies at School, Bus Stop, Play Ground etc.
  • Prosecute Them.  Bring criminal charges against them.  That will wake them up!  What they are doing is criminal activity. Harassing, Intimidating, Manipulating, Cornering, Hitting, Threatening.. Its all Criminal Activity! Prosecute them!
  • Expel them from school! Period.  If  you are paying taxes to your local school system or even if you are not and your child is going to school and being attacked by a bully, harassed by a bully, and having their concentration and education interrupted or hindered because of a bully, once criminal charges are filed, and an order of protection granted, they need to be kicked out of school- for good!  This will send a message to the bully and their parents who are either very aware or very aloof, that they now need to take 100% responsibility for their bully and not leaving it for his/her teachers and guidance counselors to figure out. They are tired of the bully too!
  • If this plan is followed I firmly believe that we will see a decline in the presence of bullies in our school system and crime rates will decrease significantly- of course unless the bully's primary care givers do nothing to guide, mentor or rehabilitate him/her after they are expelled.
  • Or, we can just tolerate this kind of behavior all in the name of political correctness,  and let our children who go to school outside the home continue to be victimized .  The solution doesn't seem to be rocket science to me. 

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