Thursday, September 8, 2011


If we are not who we say we are,  aren't we all hypocrites?  The huge fear that so many of us struggle with is that if we show our true colors, our "friends" will reject us.  The truth is is that none of us are perfect but often we feel this pressure to be perfect.  For whatever reason if we are perfect, people will like us, admire us, want to be like us and more importantly, accept us.  The truth be told, as perfect as I seem and as perfect as you seem, we are so far from the perfection that dances around in our heads.  Even though we look put together- we still fall apart , and  even if our children are well behaved, they too have their moments.  Let's stop judging ourselves and one another based on this erroneous picture that  only exists in movies, magazines and in our own  heads. It's tiring.  How ever long it takes me to figure it out, I am committing to being perfectly imperfect. How about you?

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Cindy said...

Thank you, for your wonderful blog!