Thursday, September 29, 2011


My blog is just one big smorgasbord of  whatever is going on in my head and outside of my head.  Some days its heavy, some days its light.  I once read that you should pick a theme for your blog and stick to it.  I can't seem to do that with this one.  This blog is what it is.  My confessions, my opinions, my happenings, my highs and a few lows.  Today's special for the day is entitled: Unanswered. To some it will make no sense and to others it will make a world of sense, to me, its a little of both.  I wrestle with why so many things keep going unanswered.

What exactly do you do when you are not being answered?  You have plenty of questions,  but the answers are not coming fast enough.  Funny thing about parenthood  and life in general is that you read all the books on "what to expect when expecting" but, there seems to be a shortage on "what to expect when the unexpected happens" books.  So when there is little faith to hold onto, do you still believe?  When the trust factor is low, do you still trust?  Do you still continue to ask questions when all of them seem to be unanswered?  Or do you stop asking?

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cschneider said...

funny you should ask... today I mentally screamed for HELP from my favorite guy Upstairs. He answered in a complete stranger who felt the need to come to my and start chatting like I knew her. Her parting remark was "You have to decide how you are going to start your day" " Are you going to smile and keep going?" OR " Are you gonna let lifes little obstacles take you down?"