Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The difference between yesterday and today.

So I woke up yesterday believing and trusting and had  several freakout moments and meltdowns... I guess they were all opportunities for me to trust and believe.  Today, I woke up well rested and with a sense of peace. (which was needed).  

In our cooking class I taught my students how to make applesauce- yum yum.  And as if cooking at 9am wasn't enough, I came home and made fresh rolls and am about to put together a lasagna, with filling that I threw in the freezer from the Gyozas my  sister made (aka Japanese pot stickers).  I'm expecting a unique and interesting flavor, but, not expecting too many customers. So far, no meltdowns, no freakouts, 1 huge hug & kiss accompanied by words of wisdom and prayer and one 4 year old singing "You are my sunshine" to me.

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Cindy said...

Im sorry about your friend, no loss is never easier. I still expect to see my brother come thru my parents door, it feels like he is at work or school, and I will see him any day. Bump into him. I have to admit this first year was the hardest. Yes, I also feel that others wish I didn't speak of him too much. Mom is the best, she could reminsce with any of us, on any day. For us it is easier to speak of him than to avoid the conversation. He's not a dirty secret that we can not speak of, he was our family, and we love and miss him dearly every single day for the past 5 years. No, it does not get easier, it only gets easier to accept your loss. My heart goes out to you.