Friday, October 28, 2011


Have you ever heard a song or read a passage and thought, "that's exactly what I was thinking"?  A friend recommended I check out Psalm 55 today. As I was reading it this morning, and got through the first seven verses, I said to myself, "that's exactly how I have been feeling".  It was just surprising- if that's the right word, to read how overwhelmed  David felt, how his heart was pounding in his chest, and how he wanted to just fly away.  I am trusting that the invisible Living God that I don't see with my human eyes is watching over me, and watching out for me and  is still listening to me.

The last couple of days a song has been ringing in my head by Matt Brouwer.  Its called, 'I shall believe'.    It's his heart cry out to God, and its been my prayer.  But with all this belief.. I still ask God to help my unbelief and not to give up on me..   Here's the video:      

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