Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Somebody call the law!

 I've been a mother  to boys for 8 years (including Noahkeem's 6).  I have yet to get used to the little boy antics. this one was more than an antic though.  Yesterday, I zipped over to Food Lion - a local grocery store that I loathe but go there occasionally for the prices and convenience.  At the check out, one of my sons who will remain nameless asked me to smell the scent of a pack of gum that he wanted.  So I smelled it. I didn't really smell anything spectacular but, he did.  Long story short several hours later I found a piece of chewed up gum on the rug upstairs and knew that I didn't pass out any gum.  Where did the gum come from?  I called the two brothers upstairs, no one claimed it but it was thrown out.   We all went back down stairs to continue reading and I noticed one of the brothers chomping away at a piece of gum.  Where did that piece come from?  Through a little motherly interrogation, I discovered that the pack of gum was gotten from Food Lion  with a 5 finger discount- if you know what I mean.  At this point I am furious, excused myself and went to my bedroom to think of how to handle the situation.  I called the brothers in, explained to them how we don't steal and the consequences of stealing and how it even hurts Food Lions bottom margin when we steal.  I had them go to their rooms, find whatever money they had, the empty gum package (they greedily ate all 15 pieces) , and hop in the car.  We went back to Food Lion and had the manager paged.     I told the manager the situation and he shook his head and said, "uh Oh!"   The boys confessed to what they did, asked for forgiveness, explained that they wouldn't do it again and placed all their money down on the courtesy booth counter.  The manager listened to the apologies, and said okay to the both of them, and then thank you.  I of course expected more than that from the manager but, I'm sure he saw the remorse on their faces and showed mercy to them.      It was a very quiet ride back home.  I was pleased that they apologized and made restitution but, it will be a long time- and I mean a very long time, before they ever touch another pack of gum again.

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