Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday & simple prayers

Its a gorgeous Sunday today.. I have no idea what the temp is.  I promised Noahkeem-since the summer that he could wash my van for $3.  Today is that day.  I told him he could wash it and I will supervise at 3:00pm.   He is super excited and periodically keeps checking in to find out when 3:00pm is and how long it will take to wash the van.  To the best of my ability, I scrubbed down the inside and tried to kill the science projects growing in the kids cup holders, vacuumed it out twice and planning to put Dolly's carseat back in before the sun goes down.

Somewhere over the course of the week I managed to loose my beloved  ipod.  And today I need it.  Its sunny and I want my music humming in the back ground.  I lost my little music machine, but didn't beat myself up over it this time.  I have been changing purses & and back packs this week and I figured one of two things:  Its in one of my bags or some stranger is listening to some awesome music right about now.  I asked a couple of the Little people  if they saw my ipod and asked one in particular if they took it.  So what do I do best in situations like this? Pray.    So I just asked God in front of one of the Littles to help me find my ipod.  So after looking in about 3 places and dumping out my back pack and my hot pink tote back - I still couldn't find it.  As I began sorting things and looking through a note book what did I find? My ipod!  So I held it up so Dolly could see it and I said, "Look What I found?" I then began thanking the Lord,  for helping me and hearing and answering my prayers and Dolly kept smiling and asking me to help her with her sneakers. I continued to thank the Lord and celebrated with a little Toby Mac as I helped Dolly with her sneakers.  May she never forget that Jesus is always available to help us find the little things in life that mean alot to us.

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