Friday, December 9, 2011

My Lifecycle

I have always loved butterflies.  And for whatever reason I have been thinking about them and their life cycle for the last past day. (as if I don't have enough to think about). It fascinates me because it is so similar to what we experience as human beings, We are born, shed our skin several times during our lives, go through major transitions and stretching periods and finally emerge-hopefully into these beautiful beings that God designed for us to be.  But during that transition stage sometimes - at least I know for myself at times it doesn't appear as though anything is changing or growing,  and it may very well appear that way to others looking  from the outside, but things really are changing and growing, in that tight uncomfortable cocoon that seems to be squeezing the daylights out of the creature inside it.

Isn't it interesting that we are squeezed and stretched and are made very uncomfortable so that change can take place?  Sometimes the journey for some is longer than others but, eventually we all  get there.    I once heard that if someone or something interrupts this transition stage  and tries to open the cocoon and take the butterfly out because they don't want to see it struggle to get out, the butterfly then dies.  Could that be true of us?  That when we are rescued by others instead of being  supported by others,  we end up dying  in some form or another and not growing?

Today I surrender to this process of change, growth,  and transition once again.  I am praying for the strength to get through it.  I am looking to embrace the support of others but, not to be rescued and have my growth stunted.

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