Thursday, January 19, 2012

How did I start out in one place but, end up in another?

The plan was to do Pilates but I ended up at Zumba.  I couldn't take the heat so I left 30 minutes before it was over.  (The class is 60 minutes mind you).  I used to be able to keep up but today I thought I was going to collapse. I  was hungry, weak and felt like my blood sugar was dropping.  I got Dolly from childcare and as I put on her coat she kept hounding me about eating out. I caved in and said "Okay, where do you want to go?"  She said, "Wendy's!"

Before I knew it I was sitting  at a little table, with a mound of fries, a drink too large to finish, and a burger that was dripping with mayo, onions, ketchup, pickles and cheese.  I think there was a little lettuce and tomato in there somewhere.

"Didn't I just leave the gym?" I asked myself as I stuffed more fries into my mouth and licked the mayo and ketchup that was about to drip on to the paper wrapper. Part of my brain said,  "I can't believe that I 'worked out' and now I'm eating all this salty goodness that is no good for me".

The other part said, "Wow, I'm really digging this meat by-product cheeseburger.  These fries are a little salty but, they are soooo good.  How are they disappearing so fast.  Did someone take some fries when I wasn't looking? Am I woofing down the fries that fast?, Maybe I should go back up there and get myself some more fries.  Do I really need all this xtra ketchup on my tray? How many calories did I burn today?  Did I just gain them all back?"

Then I looked across the table and Dolly offered me a fry and told me to dip it into her frosty.  "Isn't it good Mommy?"  I said, "Yeah Dolly! That's really good".  She just smiled and continued to dip her fries in her frosty and eat them happily.

I should have gotten a frosty.    Suddenly  I didn't feel bad anymore.  Suddenly I didn't feel like I wasted a work out.  I ate t every last bit of  that combo meal  and piled the wrappers and used napkins on my tray like a little volcano.

What a great day! I think I'll supersize my combo next time.

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