Tuesday, February 28, 2012

21 days

On the 23, I got a job offer-Finally.  Although I have to wait for a training class to open up- I am excited none the less. So excited!

It has been 21 one days since I popped an Altoid in my mouth.  For an extremely long  time, I have had an extreme  beyond, real, obsession with those little crunchy mints.  Whether I needed them or not, I wanted  them. Some days I would down 2, sometimes 3 boxes.  I tried giving them up many times but, by the end of the day, I found myself making up for time lost and eating tons and tons of them. 

Then, 3 weeks ago,  I didn't feel well and I brainstormed about what I could cut out of my diet, and the first thing that went was Altoids.

Have I wanted them over the last few weeks? At times.   Did I eat anything crunchy as a substitute? No.  I figured if I had a substitute, I would soon become addicted to that.

 So I prayed a little about it and reminded myself of how my body felt and asked myself, if the Altoid are doing it to me, did I want to continue to eat them and feel that way?

 So little by little day by day, it got easier.  I have to admit last night I was in Walgreens and I went down the candy aisle and stopped in front of the Altoids.  They were only 99cents!  99cents!  I could eat them for that price.  So as I stood there paralyzed, I then made myself leave because I knew I was one day shy of 21 days.

In 21 days I would have normally consumed at least 42 boxes of Altoids, thats more  than what most people eat in 1 year! Its so shocking.

21 days free and I feel wonderful about this blast of victory on my journey to recover my health.   I thought I  would never be able to make it  21 days without all that minty goodness that I grown to love.  So now how should I celebrate?


sunshineperri said...

Congrats on the job! Proud of you for not buying the Altiods!

Cindy said...

Sounds like they were a hard habit to kick! Great work :-)