Friday, February 3, 2012

Top 10 things I heard from the little people in my life this week.

In the mix of my busy week, I can always rely on someone under the age of 18 letting me know how they feel or what's going on inside of their little heads.  Here are some of the funny things I heard this week:

1. "I don't like the fries, they taste too mash potatoe-ish"
2. "Why do I have a winter birthday? Why couldn't I have a summer birthday?"
3. "You look 29".
4.  "I don't like any kind of food".
5. "Mom, you look college-ish. People in college where glasses".
6. "I have to go to college because everything in first grade is easy".
7. "Why is your pillow so heavy?"
8.  "Can we go to the basketball game next year?" (Talk about pre-planning!)
9. "Can I have a pop?" (asked @ 10 o'clock in the morning).
10. "Stuart Little looks weird".

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