Monday, March 26, 2012

A whole lot of shaking going on

Just when I figured things were set, things were shaken again.   So what happened?  I had a little melt down, regrouped, prayed, & had a couple friends pray.  What happened next?  God came through. Yup.. he sure did!   He seems to keep showing up.  He likes to do that.  Sometimes I think He's on island time but, He still keeps showing up.  The crazy part- well maybe not really crazy, but in the middle of the shaking, in the middle of the meltdown,  I felt like He was waiting for me to trust in who He said He is.  He just patiently waited. Interesting concept to think that God will wait for us.

On this journey that sometimes feels fast and sometimes very, very, slow, after my meltdowns or my "freak out moments" - which don't seem to last as long as they used to praise God, I keep coming back to my options: Trust God or Don't Trust God.  Those are always the choices.  The former, as hard as it is at times, always seems to work out better.   Isn't it funny that the more we cry out for God to show us how to trust Him, the more we find ourselves in places where He gives us the opportunity to Trust Him?

 Will  you trust Him today?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The sobering truth

Life has taken over and it seems harder and harder to find the time to blog nowadays.  Last Sunday, I had the honor of helping  a friend prepare for her mother's memorial service.  This dear woman who passed away was an incredible musician & vocalist with an incredible love for the gospel & music.

As I placed  momentos of  her life, sheet music, pictures, hand written letters,  on the table along with flowers here and there, the only thought that could run through my mind was, "What will my life say about me? Will I too live a full life?  Will I be happy with the decisions I made on my journey here on earth?  Will the peopole I encounter be impacted for eternity?"

The truth is there is but a short span of time from when we are born until we take our final breath.  Will all the things that we give ourselves to matter when our life comes to an end?  Will the things that consume us matter in eternity?  Are there things in our lives that we should let go of now?  Are there things that we should cling tightly to?   Are there things that we are placing too much value on, that when we really think about it, we should really let them go?  How will our lives count?  What will the momentos we leave behind say about us?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Yet another answer

Always finding myself thanking God for the "small" things. All of  them add up to big things to me.  Finally, I found someone to watch Dolly! Thank God! 

I have been praying, worrying, overthinking the who, what, when, where, & how of "care" for her &  found someone right under my nose- who I met several years ago, that I had forgotten that she watches kids & home schools to boot. 

I know it seems small, but, when you are juggling four kids, you are always concerned that no one gets dropped.  So once again Lord, I thank you and praise you for seeing & hearing my heart, and meeting my needs.