Thursday, June 14, 2012

9 years

On Saturday my little Rocco, who is not so little anymore will be 9 years old.  It's so hard to believe that it has been 9 years.  So many memories flood my heart when the birthdays of my little people roll around.. 

I was so excited to meet my little Rocco on the night that he was born.  I could hardly stop staring at him.  I remember how my Sebrena was trying to rush me out of the door in between contractions while I was determined to get the movie camera before I left.  It almost make me laugh..and cry at the same time,  because I still miss her. 

I got to the hospital and a little over 2 hours later Rocco was born. He was 7lbs. 2oz.  He was my biggest baby. He was a good little eater and by the time he was 4 months old he was 22lbs! I never thought I could be in love with a little boy so much.

Over the years we  survived teething, potty training, climbing out of the crib, a 2 year old who gave up naps way too soon,  lost toys, shoes being thrown onto the roof of the house-which he still does til this day, balls floating away in the lake, early morning soccer games, blazing hot T-ball games,  3 trips to the Emergency Room, stitches and  1 spinal tap,  

I am so very blessed to be given the privilege of being a mother to this sweet little boy who is growing up up so fast.  May I never be too busy to get on the floor and play, to shoot hoops, to rub his back,  and to snuggle when he wants to.  May I never be so strict  that I don't ever let him stay up  past  bedtime, let him have extra dessert, and occasionally let him play the drums as loud as he wants to.

May I always remember the look in  his little  eyes the first time I held him in my arms on the night that he was born, the joy on his face when he began to walk, and the tears in my eyes, the day he learned to ride his bike.

May I always consider myself blessed to be called his mother.

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