Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Year Seven

Yesterday was Noahkeem's birthday. He's now 7.  He's still  on the small side for his age but loaded with personality. What he feels he usually says-regardless of who is around.   As of late this little guy has been showering me with lots of hugs, kisses & "I love yous".  They always seem to come at the perfect time.

When I think that he's coming into my room to ask me for something-again, He says with all seriousness, "Mom, I love you" and puts his arms around my neck and pulls my face close to his, and then kisses me on the cheek.

As imperfect as I feel as a Mom at times, and without the benefit of a progress report of how I faired as a mother to him over the last 7 years, I always feel okay after hearing my little guy say, that he loves me.

All he wanted to do for his birthday was go to the pet store at the mall, pick out a dog and play with it and then go to Red Robin- his favorite restaurant. 

We went to the mall and picked out a Shi-Poo (Half Shi Tzu Half Poodle) & played with the little fur ball for a good 30 minutes before eating dinner.

With all the celebration, crumpled up wrapping paper left  behind on the kitchen floor, the only thing that was on my mind at the end of the night was how very blessed I am to have a sweet little son.  All I could think about was the first time I held him in my arms and how very tiny my little 5lb baby was and how proud I was to be his mother.

I thought about how gracious the nurses were to give him a little outfit that actually fit him so that he could get his first pictures taken. (the one I had got him was way too big).  I remember how his first year and a half was so busy with  special diets, doctors,  and specialists.  The days seemed so long.   It amazes me how he overcame all of that and how God healed his little body and gave me so much hope during that uncertain season.

My  prayer today is  that God would show me how to love him all the more as he gets older and way into adulthood. As he grows up  may I  have the same tender heart toward him as I did on the day that he was born.

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