Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Do overs"

This evening we had yet another birthday party for Rocco. The first one did not  turn out as we had planned so tonight was the "Do over".

We ended up with 11 kids- including mine.  After eating a couple of pizzas we went outside for Bocce Ball & then a game of Wiffle Ball,   rather we had our own special version of Wiffle Ball. 

Whether the kids struck out, made fowls, or ran to the wrong bases, none of it mattered.  The only thing that mattered was the smiles on their faces as we cheered, clapped, hollered for them, and exchanged high fives  when they eventually got to home plate. It didn't matter that no one was playing by the official rules.

Some swung  at the ball with all their might and still missed. Some hit the ball and sent it flying high, while others sent it flying in the opposite direction. 

This week as I was getting ready for the party I thought about  how God allows "Do Overs"  I thought about how many times we are given the opportunity to do something over again after failing or thinking that we failed  at it the first time .  Yet so many times we wish for "Do overs" and sometimes  for whatever reason, we don't get them.

Could it be that God gives us "Do overs" at different seasons in our lives?  Could it be that He still cheers us on, claps and hollers for us when we are trying to do the right thing with all our might and miss the mark? 

Could it be that He's still proud of us when we "hit the ball" and  it pops off in the wrong direction?  Is it crazy to think that just maybe   He is just proud that we stepped up to the plate and hit the ball in the first place?

I wonder how many times God patiently waits for us with hopeful expectation,  as He watches us strike out, make fowls and run to the wrong bases. I can imagine that  He waits and waits and waits all the while with a smile on His face because He sees us eventually running toward home plate.

When we finally get there, even though we didn't follow the official rules and it hurt Him & us in certain ways, He still wants to give us double high-fives, and hugs  because while we were out in the field playing our game; playing it right and playing it wrong,  He was at home plate, smiling and waiting for us & planning our next season of "Do overs". 

I'm thankful tonight for mercy.  I'm thankful tonight for  the God of  second and third chances. 

Thank you Lord for your perfectly timed seasons of  "Do overs".

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