Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Jamie Grace

For years the kids begged for a dog.  I told them once Dolly was potty trained we would get a dog. Dolly has been potty trained for 3 years and today I finally did it! Today I adopted a West Highland Terrier mix. 

This is Jaime on  the deck, notice my shadow as I take her picture.

The kids are out of control with excitement. I'm excited, tired and behind on laundry.  We looked for a long time and visited several dog shelters, and pet stores and the kids fell in love with this one.   I generally  never cared for white dogs but, there's no turning back now. I don't know what to expect with this dog, since I haven't had a dog in about 10 years.  I imagine it will be like taking care of another child.  Hmmmm.... just like another child.

"Jaime" is wasting no time  introducing herself to her new family. She's hopped into all the little people's  laps at least once, has followed me around and laid at my feet while at my desk.  She sits when you tell her to and usually comes when she is called.  She's been doing all of this even though she had a dose of anaesthesia today (long story for another post).
Cookie & Dolly on the deck with Jaime.  Jamie likes to stretch out.

The only thing I know about her is that prior to coming to the shelter,  she was found in a crate, next to  a dumpster She was someones discard... someones trash.  I hope she  knows that she was wanted here, long before we met her.

Welcome to our home, Jaime Grace!

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