Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Remember, I love you.

Noahkeem and I were sitting at the table eating and he said to me, "Don't forget Mom, I love you". He pointed to his eye, heart, and me so that I really would not forget it.

The following morning I felt that God wanted me to remember that he loved me.  "Remember, I love you" is what I kept sensing Him say.  Me being a little slow-at times thought, 'Of course you love me..  You're God, the Creator of the universe, you're suppose to love me'.

What was so significant about hearing those words from God, than from another? 

Remembering God loves you is taking into consideration that He is 100% for you-no matter what.  He is full of ideas, strategies and insights for you.  He guarantees peace and safety.  He has a long track record of miracles, healing, rescuing and delivering those that He loves.

As I thought about all of these things, it made me feel that I could take on the world! Thinking about how significant His love is, makes me want to do whatever makes him smile.It makes me want to run into His arms because I'm so thankful.  It makes me want to run into His arms when things get beyond crazy because I know that He has the aerial view and He knows how the story will end.  It makes me ask for his opinion during the course of the day.

It makes me want to run into His arms for no other reason than His love is complete.

Hearing him say, "Remember I love you" got  my attention and it's hard for me to look away.

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