Thursday, July 26, 2012

The randomness of Thursday

 Today was the last day of summer school.  I have to say it ended well.  We packed up our classroom in about an hour and bought all of the boxes to a trailer on campus.  In the 100 degree heat. I'm looking forward to spending a few days off before  figuring out work for the rest of the summer. 

Dolly and I went to a supermarket tonight to kill time before Cookie's concert.  We were surprised that the store had a second floor! So we took the very huge elevator to the second floor just for the experience even though I knew I didn't need anything up there.  We bought some snacks, drinks & Sour Patch kids and  went on our merry way.

The concert was in an amazing Episcopal church.  The stained glass windows had many depictions of Christ and his disciples and beautiful architecture. I sat and wondered how long  it took to construct such a place.  I wondered who  made and installed all of the wonderful stained glass windows.  I wondered who walked in and out of  its' doors for the last 100 years. I wondered how many people over the last 100 years found comfort and peace within its walls. I wondered how many people had prayers answered and how many did not.

The concert was long but nice.  The cathedral ceilings lent itself to great acoustics which gave both choirs a full sound.

Now that my evening out is over, I have to psych myself up for another intense early morning workout.  My new workout regime is really kicking my butt.  Wednesday, I did my first Indian run, ran the stadium stairs at a local high school about 5 times, did other stuff that I can't remember but left me dripping with sweat.  I used to pride myself on 'excersizing" but not sweating.  Now I'm pushing myself so that I can get where I want to be. And it stinks because it's hard, and cardiovascularly,  (is that a word?) I'm out of shape.  I have to fight my thoughts that keep telling me I can't do one more rep.   Most days I can't keep up with the class. My coach (bless her heart) says that  it doesn't matter that I can't "keep up" with the other people, she wants Big Momma to focus on Big Momma.

 Every time I feel like quitting, and skipping my workouts, her voice rings in my head.  I hear her saying "The only workout you're going to regret, is the one you don't do".  I'm getting up tomorrow, giving it another try and pushing myself to give myself  a little more and then some.

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