Monday, July 16, 2012

Two things: Number 1, I am the queen of run- on sentences when my brain is flooded with thoughts or ideas and I don't know which to write or say first or I can't say them fast enough.  Number 2: We did not get an offer from the last prospective buyers. I can't say that I am disappointed because I am not. I realize this house business is just another thing that I have to choose not to worry about.

Worry and fear will drain the life out of you and I can't let that happen-especially with the house.

It's funny how sometimes we think when things are going great that we must be in God's will & He must be smiling on us, but when things are not going as we expect them to or just completely falling apart, we think that God is no where around or that He is punishing us and that we are not pleasing Him.  I can't believe  any of that 'yo-yo' faith is true.  God is either good all the time or He isn't.

I'm deciding that my tomorrow will be what it will be.  I am trusting that it will be good, that it will be full and complete.... in a good way. 

 I guess I'm crazy or just super determined to see how all of the details of my fabulous life plays out which leads me to trust in a God I can't see with my eyes,  a God I can't always feel, yet a God who walks into the middle of my days and in the middle of my nights whe I least expect Him to  and shows me how real He really is. As unpredictable as things are at times, I'm still believing and trusting.

I'm going to bed, without worry... reminding myself that my life is in His hands. 

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krystal lynn said...

I'm not sure how I found your blog..but I love this post. Worrying really doesn't do us any good whereas trusting in God does wonders and gives us peace.