Saturday, August 4, 2012

A few things before I jump into my Saturday

  • I used to pride myself on being the grammar police and after reading over some past posts I have to give myself several citations for starting sentences with prepositions, giving way to tons of run on sentences & not spotting silly little spelling mistakes even after I "proof read" the post before publishing.
  • I took down my controversial facebook wall post.  I guess I couldn't handle the stardom,fame and popularity that accompanied the post.  Truthfully I didn't quite have adequate staff to sort through all of the fan mail that followed.   I learned from a dear friend that social media is not the best venue for "discussion".   I will leave it at that.
  • Pride (and I don't mean the kind that says, "Hey, I'm proud of you") is like a little yippy  toy dog. Most of the time we entertain it &  reward it, Sometimes we  hardly notice that its there.  The other half of the time,  when we are doing whatever it is we do, it rises up, usually when we are setting records straight or being larger than life,  biting at our ankles, jumping up and down, yipping and yapping at us and at that point without thinking we either give it a bone that reinforces its behavior or we shake our finger at it and say, "Down Pride! Down".  (Hoping that it will obey us until we can get a better handle on it).
  • I discovered this week that Wasabi is awesome with almonds, tortilla chips, crackers & mozzarella sticks.
  • I also found out that  if you're not careful Wasabi will make you feel like your nose is on fire and your eyes are about to pop out of your head.
  • Wasabi just might be the cure for the common cold.
  • I found out that the world is really small.  Last night at Jason's Deli, as I am talking about Noahkeem's JC Penny hair cut, who rolls up in the place and gets on line?  THE WOMAN WHO CUT HIS HAIR!!!!!!! We of course said, "Hi".  I watched her face as she glanced at all the people at my table. Given the look on her face,   I'm sure she was probably thinking, "Dag, I didn't know she had all those kids!"
  • I waited all winter for summer to get here and now I want the fall to come quickly so that I can wear my new boots that I got at the end of the season sale.
  • A point of progress:  I think of my Sebrena now and most of the time I smile. Thinking back to when she passed away and how it devastated me, I thought the day would never come where I would be able to smile at memories of her.  I still miss her.  I still love her. I sometimes cry but,  I'm a lot less sad. 
  • Happy Saturday... make it count.

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