Thursday, August 23, 2012

A place called home

I told myself that I wouldn't blog about the saga of selling this house and so I stopped blogging about it.  Right now, I have to blog about it.  We lowered our price---again!  I can't say I have mixed emotions because I know what emotions I have and they are not mixed.

I high tailed it yesterday and cleaned and picked up the house as fast as I could for 2 hours straight (with one iced tea break).    As I was cleaning tubs and wiping down counter tops, I thought to myself "Man, its been really hard keeping the house in showable condition with four kids, and the kids aren't even here now and it's still hard".

As I wiped down the mirrors (7 in total but I forgot to clean 4 of them... do the math), I thought I really need to revisit the flylady and get back on schedule with cleaning and maintaining until we sell. 

I was hoping that since it was the first buyer to come through since we lowered our price that they would submit an offer but, no deal.  The agent texted us and said that they buyer didn't like the lay out of our house.  That was putting it nicely.. I'm sure he/she had more to say than that.

So no deal. Bummer.  People keep telling me that if the Lord wanted me to move it would have happened already.  People keep telling me that things will  work out ...somehow... someday.  Then others just listen and don't offer any consolation.. and believe it or not, I kind of like that sometimes.

I am not sad, or worried.. I actually feel at peace- despite the reality.  I still have a place to lay my head at night, a beautiful lake to enjoy, and a place to call home.  No matter where this chapter takes me, I know that somehow, God will always take care of me.

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Jamie said...

God works on his own time, Hang in there :)