Monday, August 20, 2012

If its possible to measure clothes in gallons, I have to say that I packed up at least 78 gallons of clothing.   I went through Dolly's room, the boys room and my room, put tons and tons of clothes in the bags to give away.  I could not believe all the things  that we held onto-even when they no longer fit. Wow.... isn't that interesting? That we hold onto things even when they no longer fit?   I'll have to say that one for another post, another time.

Anyhow, every toy that was broken was tossed, unopened toys  and toys outgrown packed up.  I don't think any of this stuff will be missed.  I'm trying to make as much progress as I can while the kids are away.  I should go to bed since I've been at this since the crack of dawn.  I did take a break (zipping into about 8 clothing stores) in the evening but, as soon as I got back home, I started working again.  It seems I have too many projects lined up and not enough time.. I  guess I'll just have to do what I can and save the rest for the elusive tomorrow.

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krystal lynn said...

What a good idea to do that while the kids are gone. I remember cleaning out my daughters closet once and she would hold everything to her heart and beg to keep it, in one case when it was at least 2 sizes too small.
Why do we hold onto things even when they don't fit? That is interesting. I have things in my closet that hasn't been worn in 10 years and if I haven't wanted to put i on in 10 years what makes me think I will want to wear it next week? LOL