Monday, August 20, 2012


People tell me that if you have insomnia, chances are you are worried about something.  I can't really think of anything on my radar that I am worried about... well maybe one thing  that would have me up late this night.

The crew is going to the Garden State in about 5 hours to visit their grandparents for a few days---without any parents.  They are super excited about their vacation and I'm excited about getting some projects down and getting a little break.    Even though they have been talking about how they are going to go swimming, hang out with their cousins, and watch all the cable TV they can,  Dolly and Noahkeem  broke down and cried this evening  because they are going to miss their Mommy and Daddy.  It will be the crews first trip without us. 

Nothing makes my heart sink more than to see one of the littles sad and crying-let alone 2 of the littles.  When I see the sadness on their little faces, it  just chokes me up.  I love them so much.  Is this how God feels about us?

 I hugged little Dolly and rubbed her back.  I told her how I  will miss her too and how I already miss her ( I know, real helpful, right?).  I told her how much fun she will be having and that if she is sad,  and wants to talk to me, she can call me anytime of day-or night. ( I know that this is definitely how God feels).  Noahkeem got a hug too and they both were soon off to bed laughing and excited once again about their trip.

After they left the room I prayed.  I prayed that God would keep them safe, comfort them when they are sad, help them  to feel loved & secure, help them to have a wonderful time,  and to return them safely home when their trip is over.  I guess I just need to trust that God can and  will, and perhaps then my sleep will come.

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