Thursday, August 2, 2012

My 2:30 appointment

Today I was going to post about my experience getting Noahkeem his free hair cut @ JC Penny today.  For the month of August they are giving kids a complimentary hair cut.  As I was recanting the details of our visit, and keeping and eye on dinner at the same time, my inner voice convinced me to  change my mind and not  post our experience.

Instead I have to say:

Sorry to  my special anonymous reader who was looking forward to hearing the tale of how a reformed Jersey girl had enough self control not to flip tables or  workstations over like a New Jersey Housewife. 

A very special thank you to whoever had the idea to offer these free hair cuts in the first place.  You will bless so many people this month.

A very special thank you to James Cash Penny.  Who I was told by my former pastor-from New Jersey, that he was a God fearing, tithe paying man, and is believed to still be in business long after his death because of his commitment to give as much as he did, beyond the tithe. Now that's another post for another day.

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