Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pursuing peace with a book of stamps

I'm always telling the kids to say sorry to one another when they wronged the other person.  It usually goes like this " I'm sorry ___________".

Then I ask "For what?"

Then they say, "I'm sorry ________ for ___________. Please for give me".   Sometimes this is accompanied by rolling of the eyes.

The other person usually says, "I forgive you".  The other person sometimes cuts off the other and says "I forgive you",  before the apology is complete.  (which is annoying to the one who had the courage to apologize in the first place and to the mother who is facilitating the reconciliation).  I'm hoping that when they are adults that they would be quick to apologize and even quicker to apologize.

I usually don't like apologizing to people.. so I try my best to watch my mouth (Still learning that art) so I don't say things that I regret and have to go back and apologize for.

Here is today's confession:  I did something hard today. 

While doing what I did I walked away wondering whether or not I was  just a sucker for the hard way out or am I just concerned about how my Father (God) feels? Or maybe just hungry for peace.   Deep down inside I think I just want to end this year with less broken relationships than I had when the new year  rolled in.

What was the hard thing I did today?  I bought a book of stamps.  

What's the big deal about buying a book of stamps, right?  Well I bought them in hopes that I will do what I know I have to do &  write the people I need to write, forgive those that I don't think deserve it, and beat down my pride  and ask for forgiveness where necessary.

At first I thought that perhaps it's a little passive aggressive to write a letter instead of picking up the phone.  But I went ahead with the voice in my head and bought the stamps anyway.   I really  can't expect my little people to go around forgiving and asking for forgiveness if I'm  running in the opposite direction.

I don't know what the outcome will be.  But whatever the outcome I will rest  in knowing that I did all I could to make things right.

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone" Romans 12:18

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