Friday, August 24, 2012

Shoe shopping day

The littles are back in town, and the volume in the house is cranked up again.  Of course I was happy to get all of my hugs and hear about how exciting their vacation was.  From what I heard there was some shopping, lots of laughs, and swimming. Noahkeem was sure to tell me that he swam in the pool without a noodle & he swam  in the  deep end . Huge accomplishment for him!

Dolly complained that she had nothing to drink in the car the entire ride home. She reminded me of this periodically through the day each time she would have something to drink or when she was thirsty.  Poor girl, right?  She was really milking it.

Cookie had a  belated birthday skating party/sleepover last night--even after being in the car half the day traveling back home. Pick up time is in less than one hour.  Needless to say, no guests have been downstairs today, I guess they are still knocked out. Does this mean I don't have to cook breakfast?

As soon as her friends leave we are hightailing it to a few shoe stores.  Noakeem & Dolly have the honor of being in a wedding in about 8 days and the shoes are the last thing I have to get-at least for them anyway.

  Shoe shopping is always interesting for us.  We end up trying on a whole lot of shoes, some one always wants more  pairs than we came  to get, and somewhere along the way I loose the "Mom of the Year" award because I either didn't get the cool impractical shoes they wanted or I end up having to threaten them with early bedtime or loss of privileges.

But for the most part, they usually behave when we go shopping.  I really should'nt complain.  Instead I'm keeping my fingers crossed and trying to make it back home before lunch time.

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