Sunday, August 5, 2012


I've been working my second job since the summer job I applied for when summer school ended didn't seem to take flight.  "Going to work" should be easy since there is no commute & I work from  home as an Independent Contractor.  This morning I was supposed to start my work @ home assignment @ 5:40 am, and when I looked at the clock it said 6:08 am!!!!  I didn't panic I simply got up- off of the couch, (because the dog was crying early this morning to go out prior to my shift and I let her out and stayed in my "home office" next to my alarm clock -so I wouldn't wake up late- go figure!) logged on, put my headset on, and waited for my first call. My alarm was set for 5am, I guess I just didn't hear it when it went off.  

Yesterday,  I did get up on time. I worked from 5:40a.m. till after 8:00am.  By 9:15am I was back in bed and woke up at 1:30 in the afternoon!  I had all intentions of going to the beach yesterday morning & before I knew it, half the day was gone! Maybe, just maybe, I was tired.

I keep picking this early start time because its the only time when the house is the most quiet and it gives me enough time to walk the dog and get set for my day. I thought about working at night but, my wonderful headset's ringer volume is loud, even if I set it at low. But as  I think about it, I can't deal with the dog waking up, making noise,  and prancing around for me to take her outside while I'm talking calls. I guess I could keep her in her crate and take calls and answer as soon as I hear the phone ring.  But, she's already barked one time during an assignment and I agreed with the company that I contracted with that I would have no background noise. (I wonder if people ever hear the microwave beeping or my tv in the background..I wonder).

LasagnaI was hoping to jump back into bed this morning but, being the chef that I am, I bought "stuff" last night to make lasagna for today's meal. ( I only make one gigantic meal on Sunday so people can graze from  the time we get home from church til the kitchen is shut down for the evening). The little people will be looking for food when they come home, so I have to cook but, I really don't feel like cooking! I want to take  a nap.

This morning is one of those mornings that I wish I had a clone that would whip up the food and toss it into the oven and take it out when its done, serve it, refill everyones drinks,load & run the dishwasher, empty it, and wipe down the table & countertops, sweep the floor, & then come find me, and bring me a decafe mocha latte & the sunday paper, when she is done.

Going back to bed.  Now where did I put my alarm clock?

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